Mother and Daughter

at Quinta do Patrício I have the opportunity to photograph multiple times at Quinta do Patrício, Setúbal. Weddings, portraits, family moments… The city has beautiful light and atmosphere, the golden hour looks just a little more golden over there 🙂 — Thousand-yard stare

Praia da Rainha

Just watching them play Unless I call her name, she didn’t even notice I was there. Sessions like that are perfect for public places, with people everywhere. With professional models, they can abstract themselves from their environment. Everyone else, well we get self-conscious and that discomfort shows on the photo. Being invisible it’s a great […]


Hide and Seek Photo session with one kid it’s hard, with two it’s a challenge. They have their own rhythms and because of their age, it’s hard to… synchronize 🙂 One is hyperactive, the other one is camera shy, one is quick with a smile, the other one doesn’t like strangers.